FWD Bimmers a necessary evil

When you think BMW, you think either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, and that is part of the appeal of the German brand.

And truly, for a sound experience of a premium, performance car, a BMW seems to be the right choice.


But things might not remain quite so pure for long, as the year 2020 is drawing in. With it, a new legislation will take effect in Europe, pretty much imposing new CO2 emission standards to each and every car maker desiring to sell their products in the old continent.

The BMWs, great as they might be, are sorely lacking in this department. For good reasons too, as the German car maker is somewhat a specialized brand. They even declared publicly that without government support, it is an impossible task. This comes just after VW was announcing they were on track for the 2020 deadline.

So what would be an elegant solution to the problem? Well, in order to lower the average emission over the whole lineup, BMW will be introducing FWD cars. While this might be a blasphemy for certain fans, should the move solve their issues, I am certain that buyers will be found for pretty much any kind of BMW.


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