BMW China

China to be BMW’s largest market

BMW is a worldwide known brand, and its premium vehicles reached millions of people. But depending on the region, sales can come natural or the car maker has to work for them.

Until now, the biggest market for BMW was USA, but it seems that China has finally closed the gap and even overcame it.

BMW China
BMW China

With the recent economic boom China has experienced over the last few years, this was to be expected. This year might be the first year that BMW can count China as its biggest market, with figures showing 182.800 units sold so far, compared to the US market, where only 172.727 units rolled out of dealerships.

“Strong growth in future will come from the smaller cities, and the strong growth will also come especially from the western region. There are 100 cities with more than a million inhabitants in China with no premium car dealers at all, so this shows the huge potential we’re having in this country”. This was Karsten Engel, head of BMW China’s opinion of the future trend. So even if the final numbers are not in, as the year is only halfway through, there is little chance that the US market will bounce back.


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