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BMW M PowerSource online

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There are plenty car drivers out there that think you just can’t do better than a BMW. Except maybe one prepped by the M Division.

And while it’s quite a lot of fun to drive an M Bimmer, there are those that are avidly seeking knowledge about the vehicles.

M PowerSource
M PowerSource

To sate that kind of thirst, BMW launched the M PowerSource webpage. Just as you might imagine, this new webpage contains everything there is to know about the German car maker’s M Division and their creations.

If you wanted to know exactly what goes into an M BMW, you can find out right there. It includes details on every M model ever built, like how the cars where built or what engines where used, and it skips not even a shred of information.

They talk about every piece of technology that goes into a vehicle, both old and new; stuff like adaptive suspensions or advanced dynamic stability control. The website can be explored at your leisure by dragging across the screen, with ever new information popping up and catching your eye.


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