BMW Group Technology Office USA

BMW funds a Hackathlon

BMW is a very old an cunning car making industry giant. And over the years it has shown that it has what it takes to be one of the leaders in its field.

Keeping BMW in top shape are scores of engineers, constantly searching new ways of making the cars go faster, run cheaper and offer more luxury.

BMW Group Technology Office USA
BMW Group Technology Office USA

Yet sometimes even the big companies like BMW can benefit from outside help. To this end a Hackathlon was sponsored. Set to take place this weekend in Mountain View California, this will basically be a brainstorming session trying to tackle some of the problems BMW is facing.

The main issues they will tackle are the electric vehicles and their charging and also app development. To motivate all the participants, BMW will be hosting competitions on various categories, with judges making their decisions based on originality, the details of the application, the technologies used and the level of completion. Winners will be rewarded with prizes and should any brilliant idea stand out, we might just see it on the next BMW products.


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