Video: BMW M Laptimer Is Now Available with GoPro Camera Integration

A couple of days ago, BMW and GoPro have announced that the M Laptimer App will be upgraded with the GoPro camera integration through the car`s iDrive controller and infotainment system.

For the moment, the GoPro camera integration is only compatible for the iOS devices, but soon enough, the system will be compatible with Android devices as well.

Christian Schmid, senior development engineer at the BMW Group Technology Office, USA, better explains how the GoPro camera integration works:

“The BMW M Laptimer and GoPro integrations have both proven to be incredibly popular with driving enthusiasts. From the time that we launched the first in-car integration for a GoPro camera, bringing that integration together with the BMW M Laptimer seemed like the natural way to really enhance the track driving experience. This allows us to provide BMW drivers the ability to safely capture and share their track experience.”

The system allows drivers to start and stop recording at the same time with the start/stop function of the M laptimer app. More than that, when using the GoPro camera integration, the video will not be store in the camera alone, but it will also be save on the phone to be played back whenever necessary.

The GoPro integration also allows the driver to use the various functions available, such as live previewing by manually adjusting the angles. In case you don`t want to manually perform these tasks, then you can automatically choose between other multiple modes, like Leisure Drive Facing Out, Sport Drive Facing Out, Night Driving, Drive Facing In, Winding Road Time-Lapse or Straight Time-Lapse.


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