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BMW M2 Caught on Video

The forthcoming BMW M2 was caught on video while undergoing some tests on tracks at Nurburgring, meaning that the hot ride is coming soon enough.

It was already known that the German based luxury automaker had been working on the M2 for a while, but the video with the M2 on the tracks, is a true indication of its future presence on the roads.



However, do mind that this M2 seen at Nurburgring is just a prototype for now, and chances are that the final product might be quite different than this one.

The fresh BMW M2 will sport more aggressive body work and wide rear track than the present M235i. More than that, the supercar will be also equipped with bigger brakes and a new suspension system.

Inside the M2, the German automaker will put a sport steering wheel, bucket seats and carbon fiber components.

Under the hood however, the engine of the future M2 will be the same 30-liter used on the M3 and the M4, but with a decrease in power, meaning that the supercar will develop 380 horsepower.

The BMW M2 will come at the end of 2015. Enjoy the video with the M2 showing off on the tracks!


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