BMW Pedestrian Protection

BMW’s pedestrian protection rated as “satisfactory”

There are plenty features on our cars today that started out as demonstrative tech on concept cars or optional features at best.

Of course, new tech is still invented, and the same course will be applied to them, with the transition from optional to mandatory taking some time.

BMW Pedestrian Protection
BMW Pedestrian Protection

A feature with good chances to become mandatory in years to come is the various pedestrian protection systems, and most big car makers are developing one, BMW included. And while scattered reports and public displays are all fine, there is nothing quite like a third party tester for some real feedback.

BMW Pedestrian Protection
BMW Pedestrian Protection

ADAC recently took it upon themselves to test the pedestrian protection systems, and selected four manufacturers that currently offer this optional feature. After comprehensive testing, the guys from ADAC discovered that while a bit expensive (€8.700), Lexus LS600h offers the best tech, with BMW only managing to get a 3.5 “Satisfactory” score, making their system the 3rd.

BMW Pedestrian Protection
BMW Pedestrian Protection

ADAC did mention that at €570, the feature will probably be widely more popular, making a bigger impact as a pedestrian protection system.


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