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BMW scores great sales numbers for the first six months of the year

Without a doubt, the past six months have been market by a fierce competition taken by BMW on the most important markets throughout the world.

Keeping Audi and Mercedes Benz under scrutiny as main competitors, winning various prizes for different auto categories on numerous contest, the famous German car maker somehow managed to stay on top.

BMW Logo
BMW Logo

Consequently, the sales numbers for the first six months of 2013 are looking great, placing BMW ahead of the previously mentioned Audi and Mercedes.

Of course, all three German brands are doing well, yet we cannot help but notice how BMW is taking the highest leap, being the only one to outnumber the threshold of 800.000 units sold in half of year.

To be more specific, BMW sold 954.521.000 by the end of June, a number that sets an 8% increase as compared to the numbers from last year. And to make everything even better, analysts claim it will continue to stay on top for the following months as well.

Wondering about competitors? Long story short, Audi sold 780.500 units and Mercedes Benz 694.000 units.


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