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BMW 8-Series Is just around the Corner, Would Replace the 6-Series

BMW 8-Series Is just around the Corner, Would Replace the 6-Series

BMW carmaker has big plans with its entire model range, planning big changes with the big league. It will slot the future and more potent BMW X7, being also reported to release a more luxurious BMW 8-Series in a couple of years, which would replace the 6-Series until a new […]

5 years ago
2017 MINI Countryman Prototype Spotted in Video at Nurburgring

2017 MINI Countryman Prototype Spotted in Video at Nurburgring

Along other hot models to prepare for the market, the MINI British based carmaker has also sent the newest MINI Countryman prototype at Nurburgring for some rough tests, before its official launch as a 2017 year model, somewhere next year. The 2017 MINI Countryman seen in the spy video below, […]

6 years ago
BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid prototype

BMW 3-Series Plug-in Hybrid Prototype Unveiled at 2014 Group Innovation Days

The BMW German premium carmaker has specifically chosen the 2014 Group Innovation Days to unveil the one-off BMW 3-Series Plug-in Hybrid prototype, the model standing side-by-side with the BMW 5-Series GT prototype. This would be the first facelift carried out on the 3-Series, the model now coming with a lot […]

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7 years ago
BMW X4 M40i

Prototype BMW X4 M40i Caught on Shots at the Nurburgring

The 2016 BMW X4 M40i is fast approaching its official unveiling on the market, but apparently, a prototype of the model was recently caught on shots while performing some tests at the Nurburgring. What is interestingly enough, this particular prototype will come with the same features as the 2016 BMW […]

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7 years ago
BMW i3 spyshot

BMW i3 Prototype spied again

Christmas cheer all around. While I am a little disappointed in how BMW didn’t give us all free E92 M3 sedans this year, the Bavarians are still working on a few tricks. As part of the more interesting toys coming in the future, the i lineup clearly stands out. It’s […]

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9 years ago
V12 BMW Z3

V12 BMW Z3

BMW has unveiled one of its latest prototypes which is based on the BMW Z3 series (production date: 1996 – 2002). The BMW M Division didn’t hesitate to show us the car so they have published some real photos with the Z3 powered by a V12 engine. No more details […]

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9 years ago
BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

BMW unveils C Electric Scooter Prototype

It seems that BMW like going on two wheels these days as after they unveiled the HP4 superbike, they’ve just announced this in London. The Olympic games committee had their hands full these days but as a sponsor, BMW’s time was pretty open so they went on to release the […]

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9 years ago
BMW i10 Megacity

BMW Megacity will be seen at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

According to some reports from German magazine Autobild, the BMW Megacity will see its official debut at the 2011 Franfurt Motor Show. To be honest, I may have gotten a bit more excited than necessary as by then the Bavarians will be showing us the first prototype of the Project […]

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11 years ago
Spy photos with the new 2011 BMW 6 Series

Spy photos with the new 2011 BMW 6 Series

If you’re looking on the internet for spy photos with any BMW car, I bet that most of those spy photos will be with this 2011 BMW 6 Series because as I remember, in the past time when we talked about some spy photos, we certainly talked about a 2011 […]

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12 years ago