Ancel BM700 - BMW Car Diagnostic Tool

The Ultimate Guide to BMW Scan Tools: ANCEL BM700

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As proud BMW owners, we know how crucial it is to keep our vehicles running smoothly. One of the best ways to ensure this is by using a . These devices can diagnose and troubleshoot a myriad of issues, helping us maintain the peak performance of our beloved cars. Among the top contenders in the market is the ANCEL BM700 Full System Car Scanner. Let’s dive into why this tool stands out and how it can benefit your BMW.

What is a BMW Scan Tool?

A BMW scan tool is a specialized diagnostic device that connects to your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. It reads fault codes generated by the vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs), providing detailed insights into your car’s performance. This enables you to detect and address issues promptly.

Ancel BM700 - BMW Car Diagnostic Tool

Why Choose the ANCEL BM700?

The is not just any scan tool; it’s designed specifically for BMW vehicles, offering deep reset services and extensive diagnostic functions. Here’s what makes it exceptional:

Full OBD-II Modes

The ANCEL BM700 supports full OBD-II modes, making it suitable for diagnosing issues in all car brands. Whether you need to read and clear fault codes, perform an I/M readiness test, or run a smog emission test, this tool has got you covered.

All System Scan Tool

This tool provides an in-depth diagnosis of all available modules in your BMW. From the engine and transmission to ABS and airbags, the ANCEL BM700 ensures you can pinpoint and address problems across all systems.


Designed for BMW Diagnosis

Tailored specifically for BMWs, the ANCEL BM700 offers unique functionalities like CBS reset services, steering angle sensor calibration, and DPF regeneration. It’s your go-to tool for comprehensive BMW diagnostics.

Extensive Compatibility

The ANCEL BM700 is compatible with most vehicles from 1996 to the present, ensuring you can use it on both your BMW and other vehicles in your garage.

Easy to Use

With complete operating instructions and a user-friendly interface, the ANCEL BM700 makes car diagnostics accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Key Features of the ANCEL BM700

BMW Battery Registration

When replacing a damaged or aging battery, it’s crucial to perform a battery reset function. The ANCEL BM700 facilitates this process seamlessly. Note that this device does not support modifying battery specifications like type and capacity.

ABS Bleeding

After any brake system maintenance, bleeding the ABS system is necessary. The ANCEL BM700 simplifies this task, ensuring your brakes are in top condition.

SAS Calibration

The steering angle sensor calibration feature allows you to store the current steering wheel position as straight-ahead in the sensor EEPROM. This is vital for accurate steering and safety.

Transmission Learn

This function reads and clears fault codes, displays live transmission data, and ensures optimal transmission performance for your BMW.

DPF Regeneration

For diesel BMWs, the DPF regeneration function manages the Diesel Particulate Filter system, erasing related codes and resetting the DPF light after filter replacement.

Oil Service Reset

After an oil change, the ANCEL BM700 can reset the oil life reminder, ensuring your BMW’s engine remains in optimal condition.

Airbag Reset

The tool can read and clear airbag system fault codes, display live data from multiple sensors, and help you repair and clear SRS airbag warning lights.

Injector Coding

When installing new injectors, the ANCEL BM700 allows you to code the new injector numbers, ensuring your BMW runs smoothly with the new components. Below are distribution guidelines for using the ANCEL BM700.

Ancel BM700 - BMW Car Diagnostic Tool

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the ANCEL BM700

1. Connect the Scan Tool

Locate the OBDII port in your BMW, usually under the dashboard. Connect the ANCEL BM700 to the port.

2. Power Up the Tool

Turn on your car’s ignition without starting the engine. Power up the scan tool and let it initialize.

3. Select Your Vehicle

Navigate through the tool’s interface to select your BMW model and year. This ensures accurate diagnostics.

4. Perform a Diagnostic Scan

Run a full diagnostic scan to read fault codes. The tool will display a list of codes along with their descriptions.

5. Interpret and Address Issues

Use the information provided by the ANCEL BM700 to understand the issues affecting your BMW. Refer to the user manual or an online database for detailed explanations of each code.

6. Clear Fault Codes

If you’ve resolved the issues, use the scan tool to clear the fault codes. This resets the vehicle’s system and turns off the check engine light.

Additional Functions of the ANCEL BM700

All System for BMW Diagnosis

The ANCEL BM700 provides extensive diagnostic coverage, including service interval resets, CBS resets for various components, and DME/DDE engine special functions.

ABS/ASC/DSC Special Functions

These include bleeding routines, brake line checks, and steering-angle sensor adjustments, ensuring comprehensive care for your BMW’s braking and stability systems.

EPB Electronic Parking Brake

The tool supports EPB matching procedures, brake pad replacements, and initialization, making it easier to maintain your BMW’s parking brake system.

Fuel Pump Reset and ACSM/Airbag ECU Reset

These advanced features ensure that critical systems in your BMW are properly maintained and any necessary resets are performed accurately.


The ANCEL BM700 Full System Car Scanner is a must-have tool for any BMW owner. It not only provides comprehensive diagnostic capabilities but also simplifies complex maintenance tasks, ensuring your BMW stays in top condition. With lifetime free updates and extensive compatibility, this tool is a valuable investment for any car enthusiast.


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