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Common Causes of Car Accidents and How to Handle Them

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Being involved in a car crash can be traumatic and instantly change your life. They can happen anywhere, whether on a stroll or a fast trip to the grocery store. 

According to , “Even when people strive to make safe decisions, accidents still happen. Sometimes, it is the driver’s fault, but other times, it may be that of fellow road users”. 

Here are some common causes of car crashes and how best to handle them.


Driving requires focus and alertness. While it’s understandable that you may have had a long day and want to drive home anyway, fatigue is a reason for car accidents. Tired eyes and legs may not allow you to maneuver your way or even stay awake to drive safely. Opt for ride-sharing services to avoid accidents whenever you are too tired. 


As humans, there is always the tendency to want to combine different activities at a time. You may want to quickly make that call, send a text or even eat with one hand while driving with the other. While there may be genuine reasons for wanting to do that, none is worth the resultant effect of an accident. It is best to focus while driving to avoid unplanned disasters.

Over Speeding

You want to get to your destination quickly but safely. Over speeding will not allow you to stop or slow down when you should. Imagine trying to stop at a zebra crossing, but you can’t because you are at full speed. Make use of speed limits so you don’t go overboard. That way, you make the breaks and stops as needed.

Ignoring Traffic Signs and Regulations

If allowed, drivers usually want to keep moving without hindrance or control. But this cannot be possible if everyone- drivers, passengers, animals, and other road users will be safe. Traffic signs are necessary – to guide behaviors on the road. Avoid making a U-turn where it is prohibited. Stop when the traffic light asks you to. Sparing a minute can make so much difference and help avoid casualties.

Driving Under the Influence

One reckless thing to do is to use drugs or alcohol before or while driving. These substances affect normalcy, and intoxication can make you drive rough. According to a study, drinking affects driving skills and raises the possibility of getting into an accident. This is one traffic offense you want to avoid. You may begin over speeding and entering potholes without caution. You sure do not want to endanger your life and the lives of other road users. So, what to do? Do not drink and drive, and do not drive and drink.

Car Malfunction

The condition of a car can also determine the safety of its users. If a car brake is faulty, it will not be able to stop and can cause a fatal accident. This also applies to other parts of the vehicle, the tires, door, headlights, wiper, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to make regular checks for replacements or repairs.


Usually, there are designated animal crossings. But sometimes, large animals can jump on the road unexpectedly, causing the driver to want to avoid them. If not well managed, the situation could lead to an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to slow down in animal crossings and always be careful.

Driving in the Rain

Weather conditions like rain can pose a threat to driving. After a storm, the road becomes slippery and requires more effort to control the car’s movement. Also, in the case of flooding, the driver may find it hard to maneuver the wheels due to the pressure from the water. Vision may also be impaired at the time, making driving difficult. In such cases, you may consider parking at a safe place until the condition improves.

Driving in the Dark

It is tasking to drive in the dark even though your car’s headlights may be on. Some drivers struggle to see, especially with vehicles with their headlights on coming on the opposite side. If you are uncomfortable driving in the dark, do all you can to go to your destination in the daytime. 

Overtaking without Caution

The urge to overtake is usually high, especially when you think the vehicles before you are moving too slowly. However smart this may seem, it can pose a threat. Just imagine not sighting an oncoming vehicle from another lane! That’s a head-on collision right there. You may even have to pass through a pothole and drive roughly to overtake the car before you. This may cause an accident, which puts you in bad shape. Patience is always necessary to drive safely on the road.

Much more than wanting to arrive at your destination early, safety is of the essence. As much as possible, apply caution when driving and also pay attention to the state of your car. Car accidents can leave lasting damages, and so should be prevented.


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