BMW M4 Smokey Burnout

How to Use BMW’s Smokey Burnout Mode

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When I first learned that the new M cars would feature a feature called “Smokey Burnout,” I assumed that BMW was pulling a similar joke to when it unveiled the pick-up E92 M3. Later, it became clear that they were being serious.

So what is this thing exactly? Well, it’s an optional function that will enable you to effortlessly create flawless burnouts anytime you feel the need to.

We only needed to ask BMW representatives at the Show for a little additional information on the subject, such as how to utilize it, as we had some opportunity to speak with them there. It turns out to be extremely easy.

Essentially, it works the same way Launch Control does with a small exception. You must press the acceleration pedal all the way down, past the kick-down pressure point, in order to engage LC. Keep this in mind, it’s crucial.

In cars with this feature, how you press the gas pedal affects whether the Smokey Burnout is engaged or not. Launch control will be activated if you press it gradually (slowly). You can engage the Smokey Burnout mode and burn a lot of tires if you bash it (push it quickly and firmly).

So, to summarize, in the M3 and M4, you must come to a complete stop, maintain pedal pressure on the brake, select Sport+ mode (or press the DSC button), get the gearshift lever in manual mode (tilt it to the left), press the accelerator past the kick-down point slowly, and release the brake in order to activate launch control.

Smokey Burnout can be started by disabling the DSC (by pressing the button adjacent to the gearshift lever or switching to Sport+ mode), tilting the gearshift lever to the left to enter manual mode, and then slamming the gas pedal. Of course, you have to consistently depress the brake pedal during the entire procedure.

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