The All-New BMW iX

The All-New BMW iX is here

Power & Range

The new BMW iX electric model will be launched on the world market starting with November 2021. This new model comes with a power of 385 kW and 523 horsepower with an energy consumption of 20-23 kWh / 100km with 0g/km CO2 emissions, these data being for the BMW iX xDrive50 model. What autonomy does this impressive new model from the BMW iX xDrive50 have? We tell you, we know you’re curious! The new BMW iX will have a fabulous range of up to 630 kilometers in the WLTP test cycle. Also present will be the iX xDrive40 variant that will develop a power of 249 kW and 326 horsepower (with a range up to 425km).

The All-New BMW iX

We are glad to know that the BMW iX M60 model will also be present on the market, which will be the “brutal” variant that will develop no less than 600 horsepower and 440 kW. We can’t wait to put our hands on it and do a full test drive here on BMWCoop.

Interior quality & Features

The All-New BMW iX

We only have good words to say about the interior of the new BMW iX, it being made of the best quality, premium materials, which can be seen in the pictures published by us. The latest technologies from BMW are present in this new model and so you will enjoy everything related to entertainment at the highest level.

Interior & Exterior Design

The All-New BMW iX

It’s a futuristic design, and we love it! Now, the tastes differ, but … most of those who saw the new design from BMW, liked the eyes, it fits the idea of ​​the future and electricity perfectly!


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