How to Prevent Your BMW from Being Stolen

Car crime is falling now and statistics show that car criminals are being outwitted slowly by the police and the vehicle owners. If you want to save your BMW from car thieves, you can follow some useful tips.

Having the favorite, expensive car stolen is a distressing matter and lit can lead to financial implications and emotional upset both. If the car is stolen, every BMW owner may face the issue of making a proper claim on the insurance policy for the car and will be inconvenienced seriously until the BMW is replaced. Every BMW owner needs to take positive steps to prevent the issue of car theft. There is an array of products that can help you out or some intelligent steps that you can take.

Some useful steps to take:

• The first and foremost step should be locking your car. Lock whenever you are leaving your car. The door of the BMW will not open easily when it is properly locked.

• Keep the spare key somewhere out but not in the BMW. Close all the windows before leaving it.

• Never, ever leave your car running without you in it, even if you lock the doors. An unattended car can be the engraved invitation to the car thieves.

• If you have any removable faceplates for your stereo equipment don’t forget to remove it when you are leaving the vehicle. If you can’t carry it, just lock it in the car trunk.

• Well, lighted proper parking areas are always preferable to park your BMW. Turn the wheels toward the curb on the street or to the side in the driveways or parking lots. Straighten up the wheel before leaving the BMW. If you have the rear-wheel drive, back it into the drive away, head in the parking and front-wheel drive.

• Try to avoid those high crime areas.

Use anti-theft system:

• Another most useful way is installing a good quality anti-theft system in your car. You can ask your insurer for such system.

• You may have a good quality immobilizer fitted in the BMW that prevents your car from starting. It will make sure that even if the thief gets access to your car he/she will be able to drive it away

• Be more cautious if you are parking the car at night because this is the favorite time of the car stealing. Be aware of the area or the surrounding where you are parking the car especially the unknown parking lots, garages or gas stations.

• Have the VIN or the vehicle identification number on every window of the BMW because the car thieves never want to replace the expensive glasses of the car window.

• There are different types of anti-theft car locking system that you can buy. You can use the mechanism lock onto your steering wheel. It is a good way to prevent your car from being stolen.

• Ignition cut-off systems are there too and you can use them to protect your BMW too.

• There are many high-end cars that come with a unique passive alarm system. It starts buzzing automatically if the key of the car is removed and let the owner know that his/her car is in stake. Installing such an alarm in your car is another impressive option to save the BMW from car thieves.

There are also some new systems or smart method that emits signals and the police can track your BMW easily.


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