The BMW: The Epitome of a Luxury Vehicle

“There may be little practical difference between a Ford Mondeo and a BMW three series, but in terms of perceptions of who you are and what you are, then they are worlds apart.” – Martin Jacques

Are you as BMW aficionado? And do you own a BMW or are you considering purchasing a BMW?

The BMW is a popular car brand across the world, and it was the best-selling luxury vehicle in 2010. Therefore, it is worth knowing a bit about what makes this motor vehicle so special.

What is a luxury vehicle?

Let’s start this discussion off by looking at a succinct definition of a luxury vehicle.

describes a luxury vehicle as a car that is “intended to provide the driver and passengers with increased comfort, a higher level of equipment, and increased perception of quality than regular cars… for an increased price.”

Apart from the physical extravagances that these vehicles contain, the phrase “luxury vehicle” also has a subjective element to it. Ergo, a luxury vehicle is termed as such not because the car itself is luxurious, but because the vehicle manufacturer’s brand image is that of a builder of luxury vehicles.

The perks of driving a luxury vehicle

The article by Hannah Elliot, titled “” published on, notes that there are definite benefits of driving a luxury car. Here are several of these benefits:

Cutting edge technology

The advantage of driving a luxury vehicle is that it includes the latest advances in cutting-edge automotive technology. The owner of a reputable in Canada is quick to point out when asked, that these technological features include the latest automotive glass installed in the car’s windows and windshield to improve the car’s integral structural and safety features.Ammar says: “When it comes to BMW windshields, especially the newer models, it is essential to take your BMW to an auto glass repair shop that specializes in BMW auto glass since these MBW auto glass systems are linked to the electronic system and someone inexperienced can cause damage to your electronics”.

As a point of interest, all of the glass in the BMW’s windows and the windshield is tempered glass that is manufactured by using the latest technologies.

The latest developments in computerized engine control technology are also always installed in luxury vehicles first. New technology is always expensive when it is first released. However, the price drops as its market traction and market adoption metrics increase. Consequently, this technology will be installed in regular and budget cars.

Safety features

Luxury cars include additional safety features that tend to cost a lot, so they are left out of budget or regular cars. Most of these cars include traction control, extra airbags, anti-lock braking systems, and stability control.


There is no doubt that there is an element of social prestige when you drive a luxury vehicle. They often get pride of place at valet lots, and people stare in awe when you climb out of your vehicle and hand your keys to a valet.

This is not the only reason why people purchase luxury vehicles, but it certainly makes these vehicles attractive to the “well-to-do” set.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the reasons why people purchase luxury vehicles like one of the BMW models. Their safety features are unparalleled. And, safety is an essential part of a motor vehicle in today’s world where road accidents are relatively likely to occur.


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