Ways to Cover The Cost of Damage to Your Car After an Accident

Keeping up with the maintenance and repair costs on your car is already expensive enough. So, when something unexpected like a serious accident occurs, it could really throw your finances out of whack. Depending on the extent and severity of the damage, it could cost you several thousand dollars to get your BMW back in tip-top shape. Since you need a reliable means of transportation, fixing it is your only option. But how?

File an Insurance Claim

One of the first options you have for covering the cost of your car after an accident is an insurance claim. If you have full-coverage insurance, your policy will cover the cost of repairs (within predetermined insurance limits). All you’ll be required to do is pay the deductible. To get your insurance claim approved you’ll need to provide a statement and send in supporting documents like the police and medical reports.

The claims adjuster will review the information, gather any other necessary information, and make a determination on how much they’re going to cover (if not, all of it). They will then recommend that you take your vehicle to a mechanic in their network and get an estimate on the repairs needed. You can then schedule an appointment and have the repairs done and the payment will be sent directly to the mechanic.

If you were involved in a serious accident and sustained injuries, you’ll have to file an insurance claim with the insurance company of the alleged responsible party. This can get a bit more difficult to navigate, which is why you may want to work with . They can talk to insurance adjusters on your behalf to try and get your claim expidted.

Look for a Good Deal

If the damages aren’t covered by your insurance or the amount you received is not enough to cover the full cost of repairing the damage, looking for a good deal is highly recommended. Take your car to at least three mechanics or auto body shops to get an estimate. You’ll likely pay less if you work with independent shops than going to a dealership or large-chain brand.

Purchase the Parts Yourself

After finding a good mechanic to complete the repairs on your BMW, you can save even more money by yourself. Sometimes, consumers can get better deals on aftermarket parts instead of going with the mechanic’s supplier. Ask the mechanic for a list of the parts that will be required to fix the BMW. Then, search online or visit an auto parts store to get the parts you need and compare those prices to the cost of parts in your estimate from the mechanic. If the parts are cheaper to purchase yourself, grab them and provide them to the mechanic so they can make the necessary repairs.

Sell Some Unwanted Items

If your budget is tight and your short on cash for your car repairs you can make a few extra bucks by selling things you don’t want. Your house is likely filled with things from toys and clothes to furniture and electronics that you no longer use. Gather these items and sell them online, through a specialized buyer (gold buyers or cell phone buyers), or hold a yard sale.

Consider Selling Your BMW

If the damage to your car was extensive enough, it may not even be worth fixing. This is especially true if your BMW is older or was already giving you trouble. If the estimates in repairs costs too much for you to afford, your next best option would be to sell it. You can place an ad in the online classifieds or through a used car database and sell to interested parties. Though you’d be selling the car as-is, there are plenty of people that might be interested in putting the work in to get your BMW back up and running. You could also sell your car to a junk car buyer and get paid a few hundred bucks which can be used towards the purchase of a new car.

If your BMW was damaged in , paying for repairs is sure to be expensive. Be that as it may, there are several steps you can take to get the costs down. Start with filing an insurance claim, however, if that doesn’t work (or isn’t enough) you can use the above-mentioned advice to reduce your out of pocket expenses.


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