The Top Auto Accessories that Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

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A lot of drivers consider purchasing a to be an investment. But like any vehicle, the resale value of your Bimmer is likely to experience a few steep drops in just a few short years. While regular tune-ups and oil changes will undoubtedly help preserve your vehicle, for a luxury car like a BMW, regular maintenance alone may not be enough. In this article, we’ll identify the most common points of depreciation in your BMW and outline your options to offset them.


Without a doubt, the floor of your BMW is the first area that will show signs of wear and tear. Simple daily driving will eventually take its toll on the floor, especially in front of your driver’s seat. Your BMW may have come standard with , but even from a premier brand like BMW, the OE mats won’t last forever.

Durable all-weather, aftermarket floor liners offer heavy-duty protection against everything from general depreciation to spilled coffee cups. They also arrive laser-measured for an exact fit on your BMW’s model year.


The seats in your BMW may be leather or BMW’s Proprietary SensaTec material. Either way, your seats and their stitch points will likely be one of the first areas in your BMW to show signs of wear and degradation. However, with a custom seat cover you can completely cover and protect your OE upholstery with genuine leather, leatherette, or a variety of other materials. Because these come custom-made, they will follow each curve and contour of your OE seats, so they’ll look seamlessly factory installed.


Whether you street-park your BMW at night or keep it safe and sound in a climate controlled garage, a custom-made car cover is essential for preserving the original finish of your BMW. Even vehicles stored indoors can fall prey to damage from atmospheric moisture. A will allow trapped moisture to escape without letting in exterior condensation or precipitation. If you plan to keep your BMW long enough for it to attain classic status (15+ years), one of the most common questions admirers will ask is whether it has its original finish.


Nothing will make a nice car look like a junker as quickly as a cracked dashboard. And unfortunately, truly repairing a cracked dashboard is one of the most costly cosmetic repairs that can be done, especially in the case of a BMW dashboard. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound a cure, which is why so many BMW owners opt to protect their dash from harmful UV-rays with a custom-made dashboard cover.

With these tips in mind, we hope you’ll be able to retain as much value in your BMW as possible. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to sell or trade-in your Bimmer. And even if you choose to hold onto your BMW well into its antique years, having a car that is in good shape inside and out is a reward in its own.


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