The Best Ideas for a BMW Road Trip

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Getting out in your BMW for a road trip is one of the best ways of using your car to get a more exciting lifestyle. Once you hit the open road and put on your favorite music, you will find your worries and stresses melting away.

Yet, you may wonder how to make the most of this idea. Where should you go to? The following are some of the best destinations to make your trip hugely memorable.

Visit Friends and Family

Recent statistics show that about 40 million Americans move each year. Therefore, it is no surprise to see that many of us end up living far away from our loved ones. Visiting them is one of the most satisfying ways of using your vehicle.

If you need to drive a massive distance to reach your friends and family, then you will want a highly reliable automobile to take you there. The likes of the BMW E28 and 507 models give you very different looks, but both are perfectly suited to long-distance trips like this.

E28 BMW 5 Series:

Don’t forget that turning up in a classy BMW lets everyone know that you are doing well. If they have been having doubts about your financial situation then this will help to put their fears to rest.

If you make this road trip just once, then it will help to show that the distance between you isn’t insurmountable. You might even decide to make it an annual visit, or else persuade your loved ones to visit you in the same way.

Head to the Super Bowl

There is nothing quite like the feeling of motoring along the highway on your way to a big sporting event. What could be a better reason for doing this than a trip to arguably the most important game of the year?

Super Bowl LIV is the 54th game of this type. It will be played at the start of February 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida. This means that it is perfect as the final destination on a long, enjoyable road trip.

Of course, we don’t know yet which teams will take part in this Super Bowl. If this matters to you then you check out the current to see who the favorites are to win the NFC and the AFC this year.

This just leaves the issue of which type of BMW is perfect for a trip of this nature. It really comes down to the distance you are travelling and how many people are going with you. If fuel economy is an issue, then the BMW X1 SAV is a great choice.

Go from Coast to Coast

Have you ever dreamed of going on a long, meandering trip from one side of the country to another? This is the sort of incredible road trip that everyone should look to carry out at least once in their life.

Horatio Jackson Nelson was the first person to in an automobile. He did it in 1903 and it took him 63 days to get from San Francisco all the way to New York City.
These days, you can do it a lot more quickly if you want to. However, if time isn’t an issue then you can spend even longer by stopping to explore the many fascinating places you pass on the way from coast to coast.

There are many excellent BMW models that you can use for this adventure. If you plan to be kind to the planet on your trip, then the BMW i3 is fast and smooth but also uses electric power.
Don’t miss the opportunity to add some spice to your life by getting out on the road with your favorite BMW sometime soon.


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