BimmerTech’s Alpha One Speakers Will Give Your BMW the Sound Quality it Deserves

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There aren’t many things that sound better than a BMW. As a brand known for the meticulous approach it takes to its cars, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are whole teams dedicated purely to sound design, from perfecting the roar of the engine to composing door closing sounds that that intensify the BMW driving experience (apparently).

It’s just a shame they’ve never put quite as much effort into making the factory stereo sound any good. Even splashing the names of respected audio folks like Bang & Olufsen and Harman Kardon over some of the premium options doesn’t hide the fact that the sound quality might struggle to compete with a run-of-the-mill home hi-fi. And the less said about the entry-level stereo options, the better… Read what others wrote about the unpleasant sound quality .

To be fair to BMW, the inside of a gas-powered metal box hurtling over rough asphalt at 100mph probably isn’t the place you’d expect to find studio-quality sound. Brian Wilson definitely didn’t have to put up with anything like working on Pet Sounds. But even though BMW’s rivals can’t compete when it comes to the driving experience (we’re not biased, promise!), even the standard systems in a Mercedes or Audi blow BMW’s offering out of the water. In comparison, BMW’s speakers are almost invariably muddy and poorly balanced — explaining why so many of the company’s stereos , to try to brush over the deficiencies of the speakers.

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with the factory speakers. BimmerTech — the company that made a name for itself in the BMW audio space with its plug & play amplifier — has launched a full range of speakers, called Alpha One. Following in the footsteps of the company’s amplifier, the Alpha One speakers feature almost effortless installation. Each speaker is designed to match the fittings of the corresponding OEM speaker, so mounting them in your car couldn’t be simpler.

Once they’re installed, BimmerTech promises considerably improved audio performance, something that initial reviews are backing up. The subwoofers don’t have the muddiness we find with the stock speakers, the mids have much more detail and the tweeters don’t get hissy at higher volumes. With or without the BimmerTech amp, the Alpha One Speakers are guaranteed to offer sound quality fit for a premium BMW.

Perhaps the best thing is that BimmerTech offers completely customizable kits, so you don’t need to upgrade all your speakers at once. For example, cabriolet-drivers might only want to switch out the front speakers, as sound at the back is going to be lost to the wind anyway.

BimmerTech sells the Alpha One Speaker Kit online, at , and — unlike many other companies — offers free, worldwide shipping. With such an easy purchase process to go with the simple installation, BimmerTech is making sure nobody has to go without premium audio quality in their BMW, and that’s really something to get excited about.


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