EVs Will Not be Totally Silent

BMW Official Considers that EVs Will Not be Totally Silent

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By now everybody knows BMW’s bold plan to change its production to electric vehicles only. With a continuously changing society, the Bavarian automaker is adapting its production to customer needs. While we’ve seen big changes in the automotive industry before, this time it could be said that we are about to witness an authentic revolution within this industry. With this in mind, one particular question that many have asked themselves is if electric vehicles will ever have a particular sound, just like fuel based vehicles do.

An official from BMW, Frank Van Meel, shared his opinion regarding the future of electric vehicle sounds. Most people consider electric vehicles to be dead silent. Van Meel is sure that this will change in time. He recalls the sound made by the first diesel vehicles and compares it to the fine sound that diesel automobiles make today. He is sure that electric vehicles will produce in time an equally interesting sound. This is indeed an interesting issue. Will the world be much more silent as electric vehicles will gain territory? Only time will tell. At this point, there are different opinions regarding this particular problem.

Another issue is whether or not having silent cars is actually an advantage. While most would praise the fact that such vehicles will reduce sound pollution, they are those that are concerned with how easily detectable such vehicles will be. Silent cars could be as useful as they could be dangerous. While electric vehicles are slowly becoming part of our reality, there are still quite a lot of issues and problems to be set. Just like in the case of the sound made by these vehicles, we’ll have to wait and see what new problems appear and how these will be solved in order to make electric vehicles safe and efficient.

Without a doubt, BMW will be one of the electric vehicle pioneers that will participate in the process of making efficient electric vehicles. With this in mind, BMW will probably set standards in the development of electric vehicles. It is important for the automotive industry to evolve using the right path. With BMW behind the future of vehicles, there is no doubt that the path selected by the automotive industry is the right one. All that we can do at this point is check how many people will be driving a BMW electric vehicle in the near future.


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