BMW 8 Series V12 Supercar Rendering

BMW 8 Series Rendered as V12 Supercar

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Without a doubt, BMW is one of the most famous automakers. Few people could truly say that they’ve never heard of the famous Bavarian brand. With such a reputation, there’s no surprise when it comes to fans trying to imagine all sorts of models that BMW could produce, even if these models will probably never come into existence. This particular BMW 8 Series rendering is a great example of this.

Right from the start you can notice the amount of work that went into this particular render project. The vehicle looks as if it were a real BMW model. In fact, it does make one think of how the world would look if BMW would indeed decide to produce a supercar model. With a car like this, BMW would definitely hit the jackpot. At this point, all BMW fans dream about a day in which this vehicle or a similar supercar model would exit the gates of BMW’s factories. The demand would most likely be overwhelming.

Being based on the 8 Series, you can immediately notice that this particular supercar rendering relies heavily on the original model’s design particularities. While the overall design of the rendering looks more aerodynamic, you can immediately tell that the rendering’s core elements are identical to those of the BMW 8 Series. The added decals give the rendered car a sporty feel. The interesting thing is that this rendering manages to combine sporty with elegant into a package that does not seem out of place.

This rendering also gives us an idea of how much competition BMW could provide to famous supercar manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. It gives us a preview of what BMW could achieve, provided it was interested in entering the supercar market. However, such a move on BMW’s behalf is highly improbable. Apart from the investments that would need to be made in the construction of a whole new research and design department, BMW would also need to make sure it brings something new to the supercar manufacturing table.

This particular BMW 8 Series rendering is one of the most interesting. It makes one question the sustainability of a BMW supercar, while giving all BMW fans a small preview of how such a project would look if it were indeed real. The overall enthusiasm regarding the potential existence of a BMW supercar is the result of all the hard work put into this particular rendering.


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