BMW Sets New Longest Drift Record with the Help of a 2018 BMW M5

BMW Sets New Longest Drift Record with the Help of a 2018 BMW M5

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When you think of BMW, you most likely think of one of the biggest car brands in the world, as well as the quality and the luxury the German automaker includes in all its products. You don’t necessarily think of the boldness behind BMW’s more customer oriented policy. It is this less seen aspect of BMW that will be discussed in the following article.

With the use of its new BMW M5 model, BMW managed to set a new longest drift world record, replacing Toyota’s previous performance. The previously recorded 102 mile record was replaced by the unbelievable 232.5 mile BMW performance. It Is true that none of this would have been possible, were it not for Johan Schwartz, one of BMW’s best driving instructors, behind the wheel of the 2018 BMW M5. The driver’s expertise matched the provided car’s performance, in order to form the perfect duo capable of breaking the longest drift record.

BMW Sets New Longest Drift Record with the Help of a 2018 BMW M5

The attempt to break the previously set record was set to begin at BMW’s Performance Center, where Johan Schwartz was required to drift in the 2018 BMW M5 for no less than 8 hours. Of course, in order for this to be possible, the car needed a couple of refills. Wanting to up the stakes of the record, BMW decided to refill the car while it was still drifting with the help of an F10 M5, a couple of high performance gadgets and a well trained stuntman. The result: BMW managed to also break the record for longest twin vehicle drift, setting it at 49.25 miles.

At this point, what remains to be seen is if Toyota will respond in any way to BMW’s success at setting a new longest drift world record. Will Toyota attempt to reclaim the record as its own, or will it acknowledge BMW’s success? For BMW the experiment proved successful. BMW had to win a lot more than just fame. Marketing wise the folks over at BMW, through the stunt they pulled, also managed to show the world how efficient their vehicles really are. Breaking two records in the same day is definitely something worth noting.

No matter how you look at it, celebrations are in order at BMW’s HQ. Thanks to Johan Schwartz and the 2018 BMW M5, the German automaker, once again, proved its supremacy in the automotive industry. It remains to be seen if the new set world record for longest drift will remain unchanged for a long time. It will be equally interesting to see who will attempt to break the record and whether or not the attempt will end up in success.


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