BMW i8 Imagined as SUV

BMW i8 Imagined as SUV

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Without a doubt eh BMW i8 is one of the most iconic vehicles produced by the Bavarian automaker at this point. Not only is it a hybrid, it also looks and feels fresh. Its futuristic look is enough to convince anybody to actually dream about owning this particular BMW model. Taking this in account, how would and SUV variant of the same vehicle look? Someone decided to imagine this scenario. The result is quite interesting.

The BMW i8 is without a doubt one of the best vehicles in term of design and technology implementation. It’s a car any BMW fan would want to own. This particular BMW model is the embodiment of performance and comfort. It is one of the most balanced vehicles in terms of its look and feel. While imagining it as an SUV vehicle may seem to some as a bit of a stretch, the idea itself is not bad at all. In fact, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if BMW decided to indeed create a hybrid SUV i8 model.

The imagined BMW i8 SUV looks like a combination of the i8 and another of BMW’s well known models, the X6. The car not only looks interesting, but seems as if it were real. There is nothing that would indicate this is indeed an imagined model. Every aspect of the car seems to have been adapted to the new assigned role. The car’s aspect remains quite aggressive, while retaining, at the same time, the futuristic look the i8 has already accustomed us with.

BMW has announced that an electric X3 is in the works, but will there also be an i8 SUV model waiting to be released? The chances are quite small. In the end a hybrid SUV variant would not make much sense after the announcement of an electric SUV model. It would be an interesting idea for BMW to produce an SUV variant of the i8 as a limited edition vehicle. BMW fans would most likely look forward to purchasing such a vehicle in order to expand their private collection.

No matter how you look at it, the idea of a BMW i8 SUV quite interesting. The futuristic design of the i8 combined with the SUV concept would definitely fit well for this imagined model. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the folks over at BMW will decide to create such a vehicle. The imagined BMW i8 SUV would prove to be quite an asset, were it to be indeed produced.


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