The i8 Roadster From BMW All Set To Hit The Roads

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Who doesn’t want to get a hand on the BMW style cars! Everybody does, right? Through the years BMW has come up with a number of new models which simply drove the car lovers crazy. Right now, it is all set to introduce a new model from its i lineup. The new car named as BMW i8 Roadster is all set to hit the roads in 2018. Without saying it is understood that like the previous models from BMW, this one is too promising when it comes to maintaining the brand quality. The car is for sure going to offer a different riding experience to the buyers. Additionally, the car is just apt for the riders who are looking for style without compromising on environment.

The car lovers across the globe must have for sure got a chance to know about the earlier model of BMW named as plug-in hybrid. Now this i8 Roaster is something that has the features from the plug-in hybrid as well a normal sports car. It comes with eDrive technology which makes use of the all-electric motor and a TwinPower Turbo engine to offer the much needed power to the vehicle. The car is quite fuel-friendly and efficient.

The car is expected to create a buzz once it is released in the market. According to Rachel Lord of, there is much expectation from the car and Lord is quite confident that the UK people will be ready to accept it with open hands. Again who can say no to a car which comes with 357 horsepower, 0-60 MPH launch speed and a fuel rating of 76 MPGe!

The all new i8 Roadster comes with amazing exterior which simply boosts the performance with its sleek aerodynamics and the plush interior is what it represents about its luxurious side. No doubt people can’t resist themselves from buying one. Still, if you are the kind of the person who is cautious about buying one only with proper reviews then you can check out for the BMW i8 tested and reviewed reviews which is available online.

The video of the car is now available on the social media channels which make it easy for the people to get a better look of the features and specs. The upward opening doors, crisp style and amazing exterior –all can simply leave you in awe.

To tease the people the car comes with Airtouch feature like iVision, which comes individual touch points in the car that helps them to control the high-resolution display. Based on the gesturing position the Airtouch understands user intentions and makes the selection accordingly. You will find a soft button which illuminates in white to make the selection.

No doubt the car is ready to hit the market in 2018, BMW is ready to make the next move too. You will soon find the new versions of i8 in the market. Moreover, you can expect the hydrogen cars which are going to be eco-friendly. So keep your senses open to buy and enjoy the newest addition from the BMW family.

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