BMW Plans More Fuel Cell Vehicles and Become Most Important Autonomous Technology Provider

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Even if BMW is the most important automaker in the world with the biggest sales over the past years, the German carmaker doesn’t rest on its laurels and plans to take over the technological segment as well, by developing more fuel cell vehicles and enhance the autonomous driving system.

The carmaker`s plans on such directions were revealed by Harald Krueger, CEO at BMW, who has declared in a recent interview with Automotive News that the entire stuff is working on the development of the fuel cell cars, emphasizing the fruitful collaboration it has had so far and will have in the future with another leading company in the technology segment, Toyota.

Speaking of which, Krueger has also declared that “With Toyota, we are working on a new generation of fuel cell vehicles. Last year, we put on the road a small test fleet based on the 5-series Gran Turismo. In 2021, we plan a small series of the next step in fuel cell technology.”

As for developing the ultimate autonomous technologies that would make their cars safer on the roads, Krueger has also pointed out the importance of a viable partnership with other two major players in the connectivity segment – Intel and Mobileye.

He further said: “We are not the best in making radars and vision controls, so we work with Mobileye. We do not make chips, so we cooperate with Intel. We have just taken on board Delphi to cooperate on software and system knowledge.”


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