F82 BMW M4 in Mineral Gray Gets Photo Session on the Track

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There are plenty of custom-built F82 BMW M4s on the market available today, but if you really want a track-ready M4, then the model should get plenty of new mechanics and body style add-ons, just like the one displayed below.

The Mineral Gray F82 BMW M4 seen here is wearing the signature of iND Distribution tuner plus a couple of other tuners, which have brought their contribution in making this lad here really exceptional and ready for the track. The end result is the below media gallery created by Matt Dion Photography and TYRphoto.

The visual improvements are quite outstanding and first refer to the APR Performance Front Splitter/Air Dam, made entirely out of carbon fiber material, which increases its durability and reduces lift. It also provides more stability and better traction while cornering and other road situations.

The front splitter also comes with an aerodynamic splitter, adding as well the BBS FI-R alloy wheels finished in Matte Black, creating a more aggressive look to the car`s overall design. Besides the wheels, this model also comes with a high-performance suspension system.

We are looking here at the Ohlins Road & Track suspension which allows for a better and more comfortable driving on the roads or tracks. Other visual features also include iND Distribution carbon fiber grilles and gills, as well as the new rear diffuser from Vorsteiner tuner.

Inside, the cabin also looks refresh and much sportier with the new Fall Line racing cage, split collar rings for the harness, custom cage mounted fire extinguisher, seat bolsters by iND coming in OEM black leather and so on.


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Elliot Hutchens
Elliot Hutchens
7 years ago

The APR Performance Front Splitter/Air Dam is a good addition to the M4. The BBS Matte Black wheels are the best part of this package!

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