All-New F90 BMW M5 Gets Plenty of New Mechanics and Whopping Power

BMW is planning to introduce the all-new F90 M5 in a big round of applause, becoming the most powerful and fastest M model ever built, way too faster than the current M5 or what seems to be closed to that (the M550i packs impressive power, but not that impressive as the future F90).

Speaking about the arrival of the new M5, Hildegard Wortmann, Brand Manager at BMW, has talked to Autocar and stated that the F90 M5 in its newest edition will be a real blast and a real event, way too impressive than the 7-Series` launch.

“You will see in this car where we will take the [M] brand from here. I’ve driven it on track and it’s really special. The engineers have done an excellent job. It’s outrageous.”

Speaking of its outrageous features, the new F90 M5 is going to be a real blast on the road, coming with the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, now developing around 600 horsepower, which would get closer to Alpina`s new kid on the block B5 Biturbo with 608 horsepower.

In order to achieve such impressive performance, BMW would have to fit the new F90 BMW M5 with a high-performance eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission, which would replace the DCT, the latter one not being fitted for an all-wheel drive setup. In case you didn`t hear it, BMW is going to equip the new M5 with an all-wheel drive setup and the M Dynamic Mode which means that will send the power to the rear axle. So BMW petrol heads still enjoying the rear wheel setup, will get plenty of fun behind the wheel. Stay tuned for more upcoming details on the future F90 BMW M5!


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