BMW M3 ZCP by EAS Looks Complete

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Even if carmakers consider their high-end models completely spotless in terms of design, well-known tuners who deal with heavy customizations fill-up the gaps left by the manufacturers, completing their body style with outrageous yet impressive programs.

Recently, California-sourced tuner European Auto Source has carried out a special program on this BMW M3, called the ZCP package, meaning plenty of customizations at the exterior, under the hood and new mechanics.

The model received new driving modes, like Comfort, Sport and Sport + – adding as well updated electronic differential and the Dynamic Stability Control, which improve the car`s driving dynamics and capabilities.

Visually, the model also looks more aggressive than before, meaning that it has received the new 20-inch M alloy wheels, which are machine-polished and extremely lightweight.

The new wheels go hand-in-hand with the new suspension system which lowers the car` ride height for improved stance, adding as well the 12 mm spacers up front and 10 mm spacers at the rear.

In the engine department, the model is had with the Competition Package, which means that the same 3.0-liter straight-six inline TwinPower Turbo engine is outputting a total of 444 horsepower in the United States and 450 horsepower in Europe. Mechanically, the model is also had with Adaptive M Suspension with the new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars.

Otherwise, the model remains pretty much stock at the exterior. Even so, it does look gorgeous with the advanced aerodynamics and aggressive looks. It is a real pleasure seeing it in different photo sessions and videos. Enjoy the media gallery below!


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