This Is One Mean BMW 140i V8 GTR Available for Rough €79,500

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There are plenty of racing cars out there that can be put to the ultimate tests for less than $100,000, so why but such brand new cars and then have them customized for the track for extra dollars?

The model below, a BMW 140i V8 GTR is a one-hell of a racing car with lots of pedigree, which can now be had for just €79,500. It already comes with track characteristics, meaning that it requires no further modifications.

And what is interesting about this model is that it has won lots of races in the Dutch Supercar challenge, as well as at the Dubai 24HR events, so you practically get an exclusive racer with plenty of hardcore characteristics.

The video below perfectly describes the fine mechanics and powerful engine that this BMW 1 Series 140i is coming with.

We are looking here at heavy customizations like Custom KMS exhaust, custom made wide body kit with carbon fiber doors, interior trim, fenders, spoilers, hood and bumpers.

The model also features a full roll-cage, custom fiber intake and driveshaft and Intrax shock absorbers, adding Drenth sequential gearbox, airjacks, Custom 100Liter Carbon fiber fuel tank, AP brakes, motorsport diff and 18-inch BBS alloy wheels.

As for the engine under the hood, this lad here is using instead of the original 130i, a modified S58 V8 engine taken from the E90/E92 BMW M3 models. The result is a blasting 450 horsepower ready to be checked-out on the track.

You can find out more about the gorgeous 140i GTR in the video gallery below! Enjoy and don’t forget to share your impressions with us!


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