Video: E63 BMW 650i Might Be the Weirdest Racer We Have Ever Seen

Ever since its introduction on the market as the second-generation BMW 6-Series in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the E63 650i model from BMW was extremely controversial in terms of design, coming with strange looks and massive body style.

Even so, the model was way ahead those times, coming with advanced mechanics that offered one of the best handling and driving capabilities in the segment. And that was quite a good reason to see it dressed in a racing livery.

The model seen below was thoroughly customized and transformed into a racing car by Aussie driver Andi Aigner, a famous driver known for his outstanding test drives on different BMW models. Now we get to see dancing with his very own drive.

We are not going to spoil all the fun and let you enjoy the entire video, but we still need to praise this baby for a change.

The E63/E64 BMW 650i remains a fun car to drive, especially since it boasts with lots of power squeezed from a massive 4.8-liter naturally-aspirated engine, providing at the same time a loud and impressive engine growl.

And even if we are looking here at a massive car, the 650i is extremely easy and fun to drive, especially in the hands of a professional driver, who knows how to handle the car`s steering on dirt tracks, and recently on a snow track.

The model was accordingly fitted with studded tires, which makes the car`s sliding and drifting more fun, particularly since it also comes with low traction, a rear-wheel setup and a V8 under the hood. All these make the perfect ingredients for such a fun drifting out in the snow. Enjoy the video!


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