Which Would You Choose: BMW X1 vs Audi Q3 vs Range Rover Evoque

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In the United States, the fight in the more growing popularity mid-size crossover segment is between three major manufacturers – BMW, Audi and Land Rover – each one offering extremely practical and appreciated SUVs.

A recent comparison test between BMW`s X1, Audi`s Q3 and the Range Rover`s Evoque is meant to shed some light on which is the one that Americans are crazy about, especially from visual and interior perspectives. Well, more or less, this becomes more of a personal matter.

According to bmwblog auto magazine, which had the chance of testing out each of the above models, all three midsize crossovers offer the best driving capabilities, thanks to their advanced aerodynamics, the latest technology on-board and safety features. But in the end, there was one particular model that has won the test, and that would be the gorgeous BMW X1. Well, I shouldn’t have spoiled all the fun, but I guess my excitement was way too high.

Starting with the second place, this is taken by Audi Q3, the hot model being highlighted by the plethora of technology and evolutionary design it comes with. However, according to the magazine, it lacks space and practicality and isn’t as fun to drive as the X1 or Evoque.

On the other hand, the Range Rover Evoque, even if it may be extremely appealing at the outside, it still looks extremely rugged and way too slow when it comes to tackling tight corners, for instance. It is also heavy and provide less stability, while the interior comes with less practicality, less even than the Audi Q3.

And that leads us with the BMW X1 leading the way, the model allowing the widest space inside, boasts with technology and handles extremely well in different road conditions. Not to mention that it is also fun to drive and offers the best experience behind the wheel.


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