2017 BMW i3 Gets Fully Charged with 94 Ah Battery, Allows for Improved Mile Range

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In order to stay plugged-in in the all-electric segment, BMW engineers have to come with viable solutions concerning their only EV from the entire range, which is the BMW i3 in its current 2017 state. The video below is showcasing the car`s new battery that allows for improved mile range.

Even if the model was declared the best-selling BEV in its segment last year with a 7.5 percent growth and overall of 25,528 vehicles sold worldwide, BMW has to stay sharp if it wants its model to achieve more success for 2017.

In this sense, the 2017 BMW i3 brings on-board a new battery-pack that would allow an increase mile range. We are dealing here with a higher-density 94 Ah battery pack, which is quite a significant improvement from the last year`s 60 Ah battery.

The new 94 Ah battery pack would allow for a total range of 114 miles, which is another significant improvement with 41 percent compared to the present electric i3.

As expected, the all-new 2017 BMW i3 will be sold alongside its Range Extender sibling, which in the United States will have a starting price of $47,450, accounting for $1,200 more than the previous model.

The Range Extender i3 will continue to use the same hybrid powertrain with a 97 mile electric range, adding a total range of 180 miles, thanks to the new 2.4 gallon fuel tank.

Until further news concerning the prices of the new and much more improved 2017 BMW i3, feel free to watch the video below which highlights the electric`s new 94 Ah battery!


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