Report: MINI`s First EV Might Be Built in the Netherlands

Along with the release of the 2017 MINI Countryman lineup at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, last September, the British based manufacturer has promised that besides the first hybrid (MINI Countryman Hybrid), it would also spawn its first hybrid, starting this year.

And if previous reports stated that the production of MINI`s first EV would start in the UK at the carmaker`s main facility, fresh news state that BMW is actually considering building the model in the Netherlands.

The German carmaker has not officially confirmed the news, but according to a report from the German Automobil Production magazine and some inside sources, it turns out that BMW is indeed planning the production of the all-electric MINI model outside the UK.

The reason is the terms and conditions imposed by the Brexit concerning the manufacturing of new electric vehicles, which are quite restrictive at the moment. Hopefully, the situation would become much clearer at the end of March.

Concerning the hint of the new facility instead of building the MINI EV in the UK, a company representative has declared that “Companies are expecting planning certainty, which will not happen in the spring. A decision has not yet fallen and depends on many factors.”

In order to carry out its plans, BMW will have to close a new deal with Nedcar, which is also helping MINI to build the Convertible, Countryman, MINI Hatchback, as well as BMW`s all-new X1 SUV. More details about the making of the MINI`s first EV will be known at the beginning of May.


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