2018 BMW Z5 Pops-Up in New Spy Video Out in the Snow

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It seems that BMW carmaker has already started campaigning the arrival of the new Z5, the official replacement of the Z4, the test mule seen here in a new spy video showing off its extraordinary drifting capabilities in snowy conditions.

As we can also depict from the video released by motor1. auto magazine, the future Z5 will be an exciting and fun convertible to drive, especially since it comes with a more lightweight chassis and advanced aerodynamics.

Presented on the snowy track with other test mules, the BMW Z5 performs extremely well in tight corners, with the driver perfectly managing to control the test mule while pushing the pedal to the metal. There are more spectacular testing sessions that are perfectly highlighted in the video below.

Seen here fully camouflaged like in the most of the recent spy photos, the all-new 2018 BMW Z5 is going to be top notch in the convertible segment, coming with an improved design.

As seen in the video below as well, besides the spectacularly performing, the 2018 Z5 will wear updated headlights and taillights along with extra panels with black rivets, new rear bumper layout and more angular exhaust tops.

From previous news, we have also learned that the new Z5 will come with a soft top with fabric setup, meaning that it will shed off significant weight to make more room in the trunk and become faster around the track.

Under the hood, rumors have is that the new Z5 will come with a wide range of four- and six-cylinder engines, shortly followed by a hybrid variant with an all-wheel layout. As for a future M variant, the carmaker has ruled out that possibility for the moment.


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