This Is AC Schnitzer`s New Baby-M Sitting at BMW`s Abu Dhabi

Lots of BMW M2 Coupes have begun arriving at BMW`s most prestigious dealership in Abu Dhabi, which is considered the “Mecca” of the most exquisite BMW model fleet.

Following the one commissioned by BMW Abu Dhabi some time ago and being adorned with a complete M Performance carbon fiber aero kit, the same dealer is now proud to host another outstanding BMW M2 Coupe, this time signed by well-known tuner AC Schnitzer.

As it happens with most of the M2 Coupe projects, this one has been also fitted with a special carbon fiber aero kit, comprising lots of styling bits and details, followed by a new set of wheels and custom exhaust system.

It is all part of what the tuner calls the AC Schnitzer Aerodynamic Body Kit, which consists of a new carbon fiber front splitter with carbon fiber side wings, improving the car`s overall aerodynamics. Other standout features also refer to carbon fiber mirror wings, wider carbon fiber racing boot wing, carbon fiber rear diffuser, as well as the new and high-performance Sports Exhaust System with quad-tips finished in matte black.

To add more grip and stance and increase the car`s driving capabilities, the technicians from AC Schnitzer have also installed their latest sports suspension, which is fully-adjustable and which lowers the car`s ride height by 25-30 mm up front and 15-20 mm at the rear.

As for the car`s new power upgrade, the engineers haven’t provided us with any new details on that matter. So our guest is that the model still packs the stock 3.0-liter straight-six turbocharged engine, with 368 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque.


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