Upcoming BMW 8-Series Revealed in Spy Video

The increasingly high-demand on the luxury segment has forced BMW German carmaker into taking some drastic changes concerning its high-end models. And we know that the company has already planned some interesting modifications on that matter.

According to recent rumors and reports, the current 6-Series will loose its identity and will sacrifice itself in order to make room for the upcoming and long-rumored BMW 8-Series, while the 5-Series GT will shape up the personality of the future 6-Series GT.

Once arriving on the market and seen here in a fresh spy video while playing in the Arctic Snow – only the 8-Series Coupe and Convertible – both models will confirm the company`s new philosophy of building bigger, strong, much reliable and faster models, all luxurious as they can be in their final forms.

Currently, both models were put to hard testing in Sweden, which has become the carmaker`s playing ground for the last couple of years. Seen here are only the future BMW 8-Series Coupe and Convertible, both models being put to the extreme tests, which are once more the real proof that BMW is planning to build the perfect models to operate in all harsh weather conditions.

The camouflage around the body is also a clear indication that, compared to the present 6-Series, both models will come with advanced aerodynamics, state of the art technology, improved mechanics and the latest powertrains.

Once arriving on the market, the 840i and 840d base models will come with a wide range of six-cylinder engines, while the top of the line 850i version will be offered with a V8 engine, capable of around 450 horsepower. As expected, the range will also spawn a high-performance M860i model, with a V12 biturbo engine, shortly followed by an M8, as also previously rumored, hitting the market somewhere in 2019.


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