Report: BMW X7 with Hybrid Version

Even if the overall details with the upcoming BMW X7 are not fresh, a new report issued by Autocar indicates that the high-end SUV would be also launched with a new hybrid version. This wouldn’t be a surprise, especially since almost each branch within the carmaker`s lineup is going to come with a hybrid and an all-electric version as well.

The report from Autocar is quite reliable, especially since it comes from a source inside the company, and which confirms that the X7 hybrid will be present on the road at the beginning of 2018, along with the standard X7 SUV.
Once decided for production line, the all-new BMW X7 hybrid will adopt the 7-Series 740e` drivetrain, consisting of a 2.0-liter twin-turbo gasoline mill plus an electric motor as well. The overall output would be around 326 horsepower.

Besides the high-performance hybrid drivetrain, the new X7 plug-in will resemble the standard SUV, meaning a more evolutionary design with advanced aerodynamics. We should be able to see an updated front with huge double kidney grille and some other styling tweaks with inspiration from the new X5.

In terms of luxury, the entire X7 range will come with the latest high-end materials and plenty of gadgetries inside, borrowed from the 5- or the 7-Series. Speaking about high-tech gizmos and luxury, Ian Robertson, BMW sales and market CEO, has also declared:

“We will have some versions that are top-end luxury, as well as more mainstream versions. I can’t talk about pricing now, but given that this car will have all the technology and luxury of the 7 Series, it gives you a pretty good idea of the price point we’re talking about.”

Amongst the interior`s top features we should mention the semi-autonomous driving, updated infotainment system with smartphone integration, the latest head-up display, leather and carbon fiber trims on the seats and dash, and much more.


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