Which Is the Best Small Electric: BMW i3 vs Volkswagen e-Golf vs Nissan Leaf vs Hyundai Ioniq?

Along with the introduction of the all-new and high-performance Volkswagen e-Golf, Nissan Leaf or brand-new Hyundai Ioniq all-electric vehicles, a lot of purists and not only have begun to doubt the extraordinary driving capabilities of the BMW i3 and are now criticizing the car`s exquisite characteristics.

In an effort to shed light on that matter, Autocar magazine has put the four aforementioned models head-to-head and added the main highlights that each one are coming with.

The first one to receive the laurels is no other than the BMW i3, which in Autocar`s opinion is still the best on the market, especially since journalists stated that the model is “So good that it`ll make you think differently about the EVs. The i3 is one of the best urban cars money can buy, and great fun to drive.”

And these appreciations refer to the electric`s rear-wheel drive layout, extraordinary design and aerodynamics, up-to-date interior as well as the impressive electric drivetrain which provides a total range of 100 miles in the latest model.

Autocar`s second best small electric vehicle would be the all-new Volkswagen e-Golf, which comes with impressive driving capabilities and gorgeous design. However, as opposed to other electrics in the segment, it lacks a high mile range.

The third place is taken by the Hyundai Ioniq, a real hit from the start, with the plug-in hybrid managing a sand lap record. The electric variant is also standing out from the crowd with the perfect mile range and driving dynamics. On that matter, Autocar has also declared: “Hyundai’s first dedicated battery car shows plenty of promise but needs better dynamic finishing. Good on value, practicality and range.”

Finally, the fourth place finds the Nissan Leaf with a good price and modest mile range. Even so, it also received the magazine`s best appreciation: “Original electric poster boy shows how far rivals have moved the game on. Leaf is still very credible and genuinely usable, though.”


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