MotorWeek Road Tests 2016 MINI Cooper S Convertible

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It has been a while since a MINI model has received the best appreciation and good reviews from an auto magazine, as it recently happened to the 2016 Cooper S Convertible, which is one of the carmaker`s latest super models.

We have heard before great attributes about the 2016 Coopers S Convertible and this road test put together by MotorWeek strongly confirms that this is a worth-driving kind of car. The video below is called – “Road Test” 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible – All Inclusive Droptop” and is offering an interesting view and perspective on the car`s driving dynamics and performance.

In the video, MotorWeek explains the differences in power between the Cooper and the Cooper S; the first one comes fitted with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo with 136 horsepower, while the latter one features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine and increased 192 horsepower. The difference is also reflected in the straight line run.

From 0 to 100 km/h, the MINI Cooper manages no less than 6.3 seconds with the six-speed automatic transmission, while the quarter mile is done in 14.8 seconds, which we might say that they are quite decent figures. However, the car showed extremely impressive driving capabilities.

The one thing that MotorWeek found it a little bit too much was the spicy price, but if you decide to strip off the optional features which cost a lot, then you have a decent price for one of the most outstanding MINIs. Enjoy the video!


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