Video Review: Trio Luxury – BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs. Audi A8

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Even if this is a dedicated BMW site, we will try to be as objective as we can, without spoiling the real facts that involve three luxurious models, perhaps the most luxurious models found on the market today.

The 15-minute video below is highlighting the exquisite features that the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the all-new Audi A8 are coming with, showcasing their classy exterior, luxurious and technology-tweaked interior, as well as impressive performance under the hood. So, it will be extremely difficult to point out which one is the best out there.

We would sit here and chitchat forever and will eventually miss the whole point, otherwise thoroughly explained in the video below. There are however a few words that should be addressed in favor of all the above luxurious models.

Each one comes with its own ups and downs, but there is one particular thing that all have in common, and that would be their extremely luxurious interiors. All of them feature the highest-end materials, boasting with the latest technology.

Even if the spots are on the BMW 7-Series, which is indeed the embodiment of the latest technology, the review does demonstrate that the model is not completely above the other two models. While the 7 –Series is extremely high-tech and provides the best levels of comfort, the Audi A8 on the other side, excites the audience with advanced aerodynamics and the latest driving capabilities.

Let`s not forget the Mercedes-Benz S-Class which offers as well as superior feel and increase personality with the plethora of gizmos inside. All of them are highlighted in the video review below, so it is a matter of personal choice to decide which one is…or should be….the most luxurious model in the class.


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Hamza Hammanpetel
Hamza Hammanpetel
7 years ago

That’s right! But is a Car with exception.

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