Video Highlights BMW ACS1 5.0 with Upgrades from AC Schnitzer, Is the Most Powerful Diesel at Hockenheim

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We are used to seeing plenty of BMW products getting their fair share of customizations from tuners worldwide, especially from G-Power or AC Schnitzer shops, but now we have the honor of watching a tuned-up 120d diesel from the 1 Series, the model in question becoming the fastest diesel at Hockenheim.

It is not every day we get to see a fully tweaked 1 Series getting a piece of the action on the tracks, but this fine lad seen here with the AC Schnitzer`s ACS1 5.0 power kit, is mind-blowing.

At the exterior, this particular model has also received some slight updates, including new front spoiler with add-ons, rear roof spoiler as well as new tailpipes for the high-performance in-house built exhaust system.

To be able to achieve such an impressive lap time on the track at Hockenheim, the BMW ACS1 5.0 has undergone serious transformations. As expected, the tuner`s power kit is quite complex and comes with advanced mechanics that turn this 1 Series version into a real beast.

The power kit from AC Schnitzer come with a new and large intercooler, engine software upgrade, 200 cell motorsport catalysts, wide 76 mm tubes as well as a specially-prepared exhaust system with 2x lambda sensor connections.

In the stock form, the BMW 1 Series 120d packs a modest 180 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque, but thanks to the new power kit and mechanics, this model is capable of churning out a good 218 horsepower and 455 Nm of torque.

We are not going to spoil all the fun and let you watch the impressive video with the BMW ACS1 5.0 lapping time record at Hockenheim!


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