BMW M235i with ACL2 Kit from AC Schnitzer, Sounds Really Impressive

There is definitely a love affair between BMW and well-known AC Schnitzer tuning company, the latter one customizing hundreds of models from the German carmaker with standout aero and power kits.

The tuner`s latest project involves the above BMW M235i, the top of the line version from the 2-Series receiving the so called ACL2 kit, which involves the fitting of some new mechanics and power boost under the hood.

The BMW M235i ACL2 by AC Schnitzer was also presented at a Cars and Coffee event in Dusseldorf, Germany, the model receiving a big round of applause from the crowd.

Starting with the car`s exterior look, the technicians from AC Schnitzer have fitted their ACL2 model with a wide body kit, consisting of unique body features, like wide fenders, custom front and rear bumpers with new elements, all complemented with the rear`s massive and standout wing, which makes it more aggressive.

The video released by AC Schnitzer is also highlighting the car`s extremely wild engine growl, the model receiving a custom exhaust system with new pipes, along with some new mechanics. This involves a new limited slip differential with Drezler diff lock, ECU remapping and a few more.

The BMW M235i ACL2 comes with the stock S55 3.0-liter engine, which is now producing an impressive 570 horsepower. Unfortunately, the tuner has not revealed the performance figures for this tuned-up version seen here.

Should you decide to customize your own BMW M235i model with lots of mechanics from AC Schnitzer, then you must know that the entire mods come with the right price, and that is a whopping 150,000 euros. At least this is the pricing tag for the tuner`s project. Even so, the model is not for sale and will be displayed in the tuner`s showroom.


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