2017 G30 BMW 5 Series Sedan: Connectivity and Driver Assistance

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The 2017 BMW 5 Series Sedan is following on the 7- Series` footstep, the model coming with an evolutionary design and exquisite aerodynamics, also highlighted by the BMW EfficientDynamics package, along with the more powerful engines under the hood and the latest technology on-board.

We have seen the high-performance drivetrain system of the 5 Series, the entire lineup offering the lowest CO2 emissions and the most reduced fuel-consumption figures from the entire model lineup. In this article, we will try to highlight the sedan`s connectivity and driver assistance features, which are a priority when it comes to safe driving and increase comfort.


As the carmaker stays on official reviews, the 2017 G30 BMW 5 Series Sedan comes with “first-class equipment”, with a plethora of driver assistance systems which use the latest connectivity. And there are plenty of systems that make the 5 Series Sedan an extremely appealing and fun car to drive .

The car`s most important technology that it uses inside, is no other than the Head-Up display, the system projecting all the information about the traffic or the journey, on the driver`s field of vision, without affecting his/her driving capabilities. The driver can have access to all the details concerning speed, navigation and routes, telephone, warnings from the car`s advanced systems and so forth.


One of the car`s most advanced features is the BMW Connected system which offers the latest information about the outside world which the car uses on a regular basis, along with Remote 3D Views which makes sure that the 5 Series is parked in the perfect conditions, no matter how tight the parking spot is. Let`s also add the iPhone and Apple Watch services or the BMW Connected Onboard feature, all of them allowing access to all information that the driver needs.

Speaking about safely parking your G30 5 Series, the sedan also features the Remote Control Parking system, allowing the driver to get out of the car and use the remote control, via the BMW display key, to park the cat without maneuvering the car himself. Thus, the driver has full control on the car, allowing easy parking by moving it forth and back.


The Driving Assistant Plus is another important gadget, and you can use it to assist you in all traffic situations, like traffic jams or slow-moving traffic. And while the system automatically drives in those difficult traffic situations, you can also recharge your smartphone by using wireless charging, or take advantage of the WI-FI hotspot. The latter one uses the LTE band, allowing paid internet connection. This means that you will use a built-in SIM card to browse and search all the information you need.

All these features and latest gadgetries make the all-new 2017 G30 BMW 5 Series an exceptional and safe car to drive, adding pleasure and comfort at the same time for driver and passengers.


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