G30 BMW 5 Series: Exterior Design

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The design of the all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series is a truly inspiration for other models, the luxurious sedan being already defined as that piece of German engineering that “combines presence aesthetic appeal and functionality in equal measure”, as Karim Habib, CEO of Design also mentioned.

Compared to the previous generation, the all-new 5-Series has grown significantly in size, even if the numbers show just a slightly modified body styling. It is by officials 1.2 inches longer, 0.3 inches wider and 0.6 inches taller, with an overall wheelbase of 117.1 inches.

The 2017 G30 BMW 5 Series also comes with the latest technology in terms of lighting, featuring twin circular headlights, while the headlights housing are connected with the kidney grille and which makes the car`s width more standout.

The model also features the famous LED Adaptive headlights coming as standard and which make it extremely appealing to the eye and quite sexy. As for the Adaptive FULL Headlights, they come with daytime running lights and accentuates the car`s width as well, thanks to their hexagonal shape that meet the kidney grille.


From the side, the silhouette of the new G30 5 Series is extremely aggressive with the rear cell for the passengers being set back and creating a flowing roofline to the rear end, while the short front overhang reveals the car`s sporty attitude. The same Habib also explains the choice for such an extravagant look and styling:”For the first time, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan brings together two traditional BMW design elements which are normally separate from one another. The swage line turns up as it heads rearwards, moving from shadow to light and sweeping up the Hofmeister kink in its path rather than continuing into the rear. This upwards motion lends the car a forward-surging character, and the expressive, swooping surface imbues it with an undeniable muscularity.”

As for the rear, the styling is so perfect that it can actually lower the center of gravity, creating a dynamic and sporty feel. We are looking here at a low-slung and width-accentuating design with the rear lights adding a connection between the flanks and rear end. Also, the “L” shape given by the LED bars accentuates the car`s width at the back.

2017 BMW 5 Series Rear

Still at the rear, we find the exhaust tailpipes, symmetrically displaced on both sides but can be circular or trapezoidal, depending on the type of the engine equipping the version.

As we could see, the entire design is extremely evolutionary providing the model with unique aerodynamics, offering at the same time efficient dynamics, thanks to the already mentioned active kidney grille slats for the radiator, or the Air Curtains up front which connect with the Air Breathers to reduce air turbulence in the wheel arches and channel the air while being driven on the roads. The model is indeed highly aerodynamic efficient, thanks to the underbody airflow-channeling elements, reducing dynamics at high speeds at the same time.

The all-new 5 Series also comes with a low drag coefficient with elements and details that reduce the drag coefficient by 10 percent as opposed to the previous model. This means that the 5 Series in all its versions will come with active air flap control for the radiator, which opens the louvres in the kidney grille and lower air intakes when cooling is needed.


Besides the extraordinary and advanced body styling features that also prove effective and improve the car`s aerodynamics, the 2017 G30 BMW 5 Series also comes with a lot of important stylish elements, depending on each version involved. There are 13 exterior colours available, with 11 metallic colour shades, customers also choosing between three lightweight alloy wheels, like the 18-, 19-, as well as the 20-inch wheels.

Also, the carmaker decided to make the new 5 Series sportier than before, adding as well a number of details that will make it stand-out from the crowd and increase its personality. We should also mention the high-gloss black or the 18-inch Double Spoke lightweight alloy wheels, chrome window surround, chrome kidney grille bars, front and rear bumper trim, and a few more.

The sporty elements are also reflected by the car`s choice of two packages offered within the Sport Line and Luxury Line, adding other stylish elements according to the customer`s own wish.

The Sport Line package adds the 18-inch alloys with a bi-colour polished finish, adding illuminated aluminum door sill strips with BMW logo and the Sport Line badging, while the interior comes with BMW sports seats with leather covers, BMW sports leather steering wheel and so on.

The Luxury Line on the other hand is even more standout, with the aforementioned chrome kidney grille bars, Air Breathers or window surrounds, while inside, the cabin gets the same aluminum door sill strips with the BMW logo and Luxury Line lettering. Other features inside also refer to leather covers with contrasts stitching, decorative inlays shine, brighter light surrounding the interior and so on.


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