The New BMW 5 Series: Massive Photo Gallery

Here we are with a fresh batch of amazing photos of the newly unveiled 2017 BMW 5-Series, the model getting its fair share of respect and fame. After all, we are looking here at this year`s high-end model release by BMW and which will definitely get the best appreciation it deserves.

Following a series of the car`s most important highlights and videos, the 2017 G30 BMW 5-Series can be now admired in a massive photo gallery that we have specially prepared for you.
The new photos best describes the car`s personal attitude that it has on the road adding the exclusive feel that you get to enjoy while sitting comfortably on the rear passengers` seat and watching a movie or listening to your favorite music.

Starting with 11th of March, 2017, the all-new BMW 5-Series will be available in a wide choice of versions, like the BMW 530i/BMW 530i xDrive, BMW 540i/BMW 540i xDrive, BMW 520d/BMW 520d xDrive, as well as the BMW 530d/BMW 530d xDrive, all versions coming with their own power configuration and output and adding other exclusive features.

But there are not the only versions tht will hit the market startign next year. Besides the variants release in February, the carmaker will also add the BMW 530e iPerformance, BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition, as well as the BMW M550i xDrive. These are high-end versions with high-end features and performance under the hood.

2017 BMW 5 Series

Concerning the gorgeous design of the new 5-Series, Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles, stated that “The new BMW 5 Series will make a mature, confidently stylish and dynamic impression at every opportunity. The formal and precise design combines presence, aesthetic appeal and functionality in equal measure.” Concerning the car`s size, Karim has also stated that the new 5-Series is a bit larger than the previous predecessor. It is 35 mm longer, 6 mm wider and 2 mm taller, also coming with a wheelbase of 2,975 mm.

As for the luggage department, the 2017 G30 BMW 5-Series is well-proportioned and offers 530 liters at your discretion. Even if it is lowered compared to the previous model, the boot combines with the larger boot opening to provide the best loading capacity for the bulkiest items. Also, the cargo capacity can be increased with the rear backrest being folded down and offering thus a 40:20:40 split. To minimze the effort of loading any big loads, the carmaker also offers an automatic opening and closing function found on the car`s key or activated bt a flick of the foot while being at the rear.

2017 BMW 5 Series Luggage

One of the car`s main highlight, besides the impressive design and powertrain options available under the hood for all aforementioned versions is the Navigation-assisted shift strategy and Proactive Drivign Assistant, which improve the car`s fuel efficiency and ensure a more pleasant drive and excitement while being behind the wheel.

2017 BMW 5 Series Engine

The car`s most advanced driving mode is the ECO Pro mode with Proactive Driving Assistant, now activating itself with the Drivign Experience Control switch and connecting with the Navigation system Profesional to detect smart braking situations in advance, while being in speed limit zones or other dangerous situations that might harm the passengers, drivers or any passers-by.

Stay tuned for more details on the car`s exquisite design, full performance figures and other important highlights that make the 2017 G30 BMW 5-Series a genuine German piece of engineering! Meanwhile, enjoy the photo gallery with the all-new 5-Series!


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