2017 BMW 5 Series M-Sport Package Interior

The Interior Design of the New BMW 5 Series

The all-new 2017 BMW 5-Series was already presented online a couple of hours ago, and our duty is to bring you the best updates concerning the car`s most outstanding features concerning its exquisite design lines and one-off interior. We will then move on the 5-Series` impressive powertrains under the hood.

In this article we will deal with the interior of the new G30 5-Series, which was already previewed in the media gallery or the official videos in previous articles. And from what we could see so far, the interior is indeed looking amazing, with the plethora of high-end materials and the latest gadgetry, perfectly complementing a real gentleman ready to close an important deal, all dressed up with a smart suite.

The interior is highlighted by the finest materials, extremely wide space as well as the plethora of gizmos that makes it a top-class luxury sedan. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President at BMW Group Design, has also praised the car`s exquisite design, stating that:
”In the seventh model generation, we have upped the precision and the quality of finish considerably and revolutionised the display and control concept. The result is a BMW 5 Series that once again hits the mark as the ideal business sedan.”

2017 BMW 5 Series Interior

From my point of view, a car`s main attribute, besides the latest gadgetry, would be the seats. Yes, you heard me! The seats are the key element that a high-end model should provide them with the finest materials and best comfort.

And the seats of the 5-Series` interior are indeed the most standout features inside. And they do come with massage functioning: who wouldn’t dream of having a seat with massage function, especially while crossing the country from one end to another.

2017 BMW 5 Series Seats

We are looking here at standard front Sport seats with a 16-way electrically adjustable function, adding adjustable side bolsters for the best lateral support, offering as well comfort and the best materials. Speaking about materials, the seats are covered in the finest ones, including decorative stitching for the Dakota Multi-contour seats, coming as well with ventilation, besides the massage function. According to BMW, the seats inside the 5-Series` cabin come with eight massage programs, each one coming with its own intensity modes which relax every single muscle in your body and provide the best comfort for your spinal discs, after releasing all the pressure and strain. There are also 20 air chambers fitted in the seat cushion and backrest, which can inflate and deflate, whenever the situation is given.

Besides the plethora of features that equip the sedan`s seats, there are also multiple heating functions on the steering wheel for instance. The steering wheel starts heating immediately when the car senses low temperatures outside, especially when they fall below.

Another important feature that the cabin comes with is the advanced climate control and lighting, both offering the best level of comfort and a cozy atmosphere while at night. We are first looking here at a two-zone climate control coming as standard and featuring independent temperature control for both the driver and the front passenger, adding automatic activation of the air recirculation system.

2017 BMW 5 Series Interior Ambient Lights

Speaking about ambiance and lighting, the car`s cabin is now equipped with coloured LED light, which highlights the cabin`s design and instrument panel. The driver or passengers can opt between eleven lighting effects with six light colours, with the choice of adjusting the brightness as well.

There are also a number of gadgets that make the interior of the new 2017 5-Series, and that would be the gesture control voice control, touchscreen or the new iDrive Controller, all of them being interconnected to provide the best services. We are looking here as well at a 10.25-inch screen with high-resolution which interacts with the aforementioned systems, to control and immediately response to voice and gestures commands.

Also, the Intelligent Voice Assistant helps the driver to formulate different requests in his own language as the system is able to recognize a wide range of foreign languages besides English or German, like Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Another important highlight of the car`s interior is the latest multicolour Head-Up Display, with the driver now being able to see and find out millions of information concerning the environment, like incoming traffic, weather reports, navigations, warnings concerning road conditions and so on. The information is displayed on the windscreen, with the projection area now being 70 percent larger than the previous model.


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