Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Takes on BMW M2 Coupe

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The 2016 BMW M2 Coupe is popping-up in our news again and not in a gorgeous tuning program carried out by Vorsteiner of AC Schnitzer, the model appearing in a road and track testing against the Alfa Rome 4C Spider.

Considering the fact that we have seen the M2 taking on massive and more powerful supercars, it was a common and logic thing to see it being compared to a much more alike model, like the 4C Spider.

The testing was carried out by Roadshow team from CNET, the guys taking both cars and compare them face-to-face. Surely, each car comes with its own ups-and-downs in terms of styling, chassis, weight figures and more importantly, their performance under the hood.

From the start, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider comes with a carbon fiber chassis, which makes it more lightweight, but comes with the disadvantage of the extra reinforced parts for the missing roof, while the M2 Coupe comes with an M styling, all adorned with high-performance elements.

From a performance perspective, both models come with impressive engines under the hood. The M2 Coupe packs a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with 365 horsepower, while the 4C Spider uses a smaller displacement, in the shape of a 1.8-liter, with 237 horsepower.

However, we shouldn`t judge a book by its cover, and the 4C Spider isn’t what it was expected to be. Even if it comes with a smaller engine, it is a little bit faster than the M2 on the track, and that because it comes with a non-power steering drips and a mid-engine carbon fiber chassis, which makes it faster.

On the road however, the odds favor the M2 Coupe, and that`s because it comes with the perfect suspension and balance, enough to make the steering accurate and precise. So, which one do you think has one the testing?

As some of you might suspected…or not…the guys from Roadshow declared the BMW M2 Coupe as the better car, and that thanks to its precise handling, driving capabilities and perfect balance.


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