Daytona Violet Design Edition BMW 316i Touring Is Up for Grabs

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If you are indeed a BMW geek and are crazy about old-fashion models, then now is your chance of grabbing the cool Daytone Violet 216i Touring Design Edition.

It comes with a €4,299 price tag and is now available for sale in Germany, the owner posting the add on
As we can depict from the pictures below, the 316i Touring is in rather good shape, the model coming with just 139,000 km onboard and featuring a lot of new parts, including the braking system.

More than that, according to the owner, the transmission and the engine are the original ones, the model coming with a modest 102 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque.

The good thing about the car`s engine is that it gives the potential buyer two choices, either changing the engine and fitting a much more potent one, ore keep it intact and sell the original car later on in the future for a good profit.

The good part is that car comes with more weight on the rear wheels, which reduces understeer and makes room for more powerful engines, so yes, the first choice would also suit any client. I for instance, I would go for option number two.

Either way, this is an old-timer Touring with lots to offer in terms of styling and driving pleasure. After all, what did you expect, a fully-customized body and power or a genuine and original 316i Touring? It`s your call!


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