Commercial: Akrapovic Shows M2 Coupe with Custom Exhaust System

If you were wondering why the sheer number of customized BMW M2 Coupes by different aftermarket shops, the answer is quite simple: it comes with the perfect aerodynamics and body styling cues, which make it easy to customize both at the exterior as well as underneath the skin.

The last time we have heard about a fine-tuned BMW M2 Coupe was about a week ago, the top of the line from 2-Series receiving some nice body aero parts from Hamann, along with a rear muffler, part of a more thorough project yet to be unveiled.

This time, the gorgeous BMW M2 Coupe is the subject of another interesting project carried out by Akrapovic. In fact, the model looks so hot with the tuner`s exhaust system that it was put for a real show in a commercial.

We are not going to spoil all the fun, but rest assure that the video is mind-blowing and focuses both on the car as well as on the Akrapovic`s exhaust. In fact, it should be a natural connection between the two of them, otherwise, there would be a complete disaster.

All Akrapovic exhaust systems are high-end and made of the most reliable materials, providing each model with an extremely aggressive growl and improved power. This one seen here is also made from titanium, meaning that it is more lightweight and eliminates corrosion down the line. And the system does raises the car`s power by 9 horsepower and 7.2 Nm of torque.

In case you own an M2 Coupe and want some impressive engine sounds, then I suggest you head towards the tuner`s stand and let them take care of it!


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