BMW X1 Is a Real “Stinker”, Doesn’t Match Everyone`s Idea of a Luxury or Family SUV

We all used to watching Top Gear show, that particular show that everyone loved it or hated it. I personally found it extremely realistic, with all three stars of the show revealing the true identity of each car they would test out.

One of the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson was the funny guy, the laugh about guy, with a lot of ironic jokes meant to portrait the car`s he would test drive.

Also, he became famous for his crazy ideas, like creating a list of 10 “Star Cars”, with the most exquisite models to receive a star for its body styling, interior and performance characteristics. And one of the BMWs to receive a start was the gorgeous M2 Coupe.

On the other side, he also came out with a “Stinker” list designated to appoint all models that he would find…a “stinker”, and that based on the car`s looks and personality. And one of those stinkers was the present BMW X1.

He found the sec-gen BMW X1 extremely ugly, with no practicality and no personality whatsoever. More than that, the present X1 wasn’t on his favorite list as well, as it lacks self-esteem and comes with common body features also found on other models within the BMW Group.

He also hates the 2.0-liter diesel engine found under the hood, stating that the TwinPower 2-liter diesel that he drove “didn’t feel speedy”.

Also, he didn’t feel that the SUV was a genuine German car, feeling like bits of the car were made in other countries, just like Mercedes-Benz or Audi would do.

“My test car was fitted with four-wheel drive, so you might think it’d have been able to deal with a bit of muddy ground. Nope. On a short piece of level grass it was skidding about all over the place,” he also added.

Well, let`s all forget about Jeremy Clarkson and his crazy thoughts! Do you love the BMW X1 in all its generations? Leave your opinion in the comment section!


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